$BEBA Token

This sounds like crypto, is this crypto?

Why yes, yes it is, and it’s not as scary as you think. At Beba, we love technology (even though we are an apparel company). For a while, we have been thinking about how to reach a wider audience and best incorporate what we see as the future of money into Beba. After a lot of thought, we are excited to introduce our foray into crypto, blockchain, Web3, digital assets, whatever you want to call it.

What is the $BEBA Token?

Do you love Beba and want to do more than just watch from the sidelines? Be a part of our journey and benefit from the bright future we have ahead! The $BEBA token gives you exclusive access and benefits to the Beba ecosystem. For starters, the limited-supply new Ndovu Duffel will be accessible only to $BEBA token holders who redeem 200 tokens. Because the Ndovu will be discounted from the original Manyanga Duffel and have additional features, $BEBA tokens unlock one of our coolest new products at a discount.

How was $BEBA distributed?

The $BEBA token was airdropped on the Base network for free to two separate groups.

Group 1: All of the Unisocks ($SOCKS) holders who paperhanded and redeemed their tokens for a pair of socks. These users received 200 $BEBA tokens  – enough to immediately access our exclusive Ndovu Duffel!

Group 2: The first 1,904 unique addresses that created a Base Name with Base Name Service. As part of deploying on Base, we wanted to make our presence known and reward power users by giving 1,904 Base users 20 $BEBA tokens each.

I didn't get any $BEBA, where can I get some?

You can’t buy them from us, although we plan to do more airdrops in the future. Stay tuned!

Address of the $BEBA contract on Base chain: 0x99aEFb8815690efff7E306f735A9d95321F48cA6

What can I do with my $BEBA tokens?

You can redeem 200 $BEBA tokens for the Ndovu Duffel bag, available only to token holders. Or you can hold on to them, trade them, or wait to see what other cool stuff you can do with $BEBA tokens in the future.*

Redeem 200 $BEBA tokens for an access code here

* Disclaimer: $BEBA is a collectible token that entitles holders to redemption for a special line of bags and potential future exclusives and other benefits at Beba's discretion. $BEBA is not a financial instrument and is not intended for investment purposes. While Beba hopes the $BEBA community will continue to grow, Beba does not promise or agree to engage in any efforts to increase the value of the $BEBA token.